Maltose syrup

Maltose syrup is made of high quality starch as raw material,produced after liquefaction,saccharification,decolorizing filtration and concentration.
Raw Material:rice、malt and water.
Application range:candy,ice cream,diary products,beer,jelly,baked food,spices,enzymes,convenient food,meat products,etc.
Package:400/500g plastic bowl,25kg tin packing、75kg、290kg iron drum or customized package.

Brix.                                 70-87%
DE                                   25-65%
Transmissivity                   ≥95%
Boiling Temperature        115-155℃
Sulphated Ash                 ≤0.3%
PH                                   4.0-6.0

Scientific research

Technology leading the market,products meet the demand

Insisting on the purpose of"Technology leading the market,products meet the demand" DELI established a research center and a research institute with university of China.We imported advanced production line and testing equipment from Japan and America,so our new products development is always standing at the forefront of the industry.

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