Honey is a kind of sweet substances stored in honey comb,viscid fluid elaborated by bees from the nectar collect from flowers ,and stored in their nests or hives as food.Each kind of honey has a different color and unique flavor,their nutrients are also different..

(1)According to the honey plant
Linden honey,acacia honey,clover honey,vitex honey,buckwheat honey,jujube honey,polyflower honey,rape honey,camellia honey etc.
(2)According to color
White honey,ELA honey,LA honey,Amber honey,Dark amber honey etc.

Retail Package:8oz/12oz/16oz bear bottle,80g,125g,250g,500g,1kg,3kg,5kg plastic/glass bottle or customized package.
Bulk Package:25kg,75kg barrel and 290kg plastic/steel drum,or customized package.

Scientific research

Technology leading the market,products meet the demand

Insisting on the purpose of"Technology leading the market,products meet the demand" DELI established a research center and a research institute with university of China.We imported advanced production line and testing equipment from Japan and America,so our new products development is always standing at the forefront of the industry.

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