Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive by young worker bees between 12 and 17 days old.Bees use the beeswax to build honeycomb cells in which their young are raised and honey and pollen are stored.It is a natural lubricating and solidifying agent,widely used in cosmetics,pharmaceutical industrial and also as an industrial supplementary material.

(1)According to the product shape
  Beeswax slab,beeswax grain
(2)According to the color
  Yellow beeswax,white beeswax

Package:12.5kg,25k/bag,or customized package.

Appearance                            Milk white or yellow block with beeswax special odor
Acid Value(%)                                         16-23
 Impurity(%)                                             ≤0.3
Saponification Value(KOH mg/g)              75-110
Melting Point(℃)                                      62-67
Hydrocarbon Content(%)                               ≤17

Scientific research

Technology leading the market,products meet the demand

Insisting on the purpose of"Technology leading the market,products meet the demand" DELI established a research center and a research institute with university of China.We imported advanced production line and testing equipment from Japan and America,so our new products development is always standing at the forefront of the industry.

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