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Bee propolis

Bee propolis is a resinous mixture that bees collect from tree buds,sap flows,or other botanical sources. It contains gum,polyose,pohyphenol,flavone,organic acids and microelements etc.It is widely used in medicine and cosmetics for its efficiency of anti-bacteria,diminishing inflammation,immunizing,calming and local anesthesia.

(1)According to the degree of processing
Raw propolis,Refined propolis,Supercritical refined propolis
(2)According to the product shape
Solid block propolis,Propolis powder,Propolis soft(hard) capsule,Propolis tablet.
(3)According to the color
Black propolis soft capsule,Yellow propolis soft capsule,Red gold propolis soft capsule.
Application:Medicine and Cosmetics
Package:1kg、5kg/bag,20kg/carton or customized package.

 Propolis content(%)                              ≥95
 Flavone(%)                              10-15(Quercetin)
 Flavone(%)                               20-30(Rutinum)
 Lead content(ppm)                               ≤5

Scientific research

Technology leading the market,products meet the demand

Insisting on the purpose of"Technology leading the market,products meet the demand" DELI established a research center and a research institute with university of China.We imported advanced production line and testing equipment from Japan and America,so our new products development is always standing at the forefront of the industry.

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