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Most comprehensive introduction


Bee Products
Most comprehensive introduction

Welcome to DELI foods!

Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and formerly known as wuhu deli factory with more than 20years experience of food developing and producing.
It is an export-oriented manufacturer and specialize in the production of rice syrup, fructose syrup, honey syrup,maltose syrup,flavor syrup,rice protein,honey powder ,honey and a series of organic products.

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DELI Honey

Linden honey

Linden honey smell like pure summer. It has a mild taste and a light colour. The texture is soft and pasty. Read More

Acacia honey

One of the most popular honey types, soft has acacia smell.Read More

Polyflower honey
Acacia honey is one of the most popular honey types,it has a acacia taste and it is always liquid, due to the high fructose content.Read More

DELI Syrup

Rice syrup

It as raw material,produced by biology-fermenting and enzyme reaction method.

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Maltose syrup

It is made of high quality starch as raw material,produced after liquefaction,decolorizing filtration and concentration.

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Honey syrup

Also konw as blended honey,mixed by honey and syrup.

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DELI Bee products

Bee propolis
It is a resinous mixture that bees buds,sap flows,or other sources.Read More
It is a natural wax produced in the bee hive by young workerbees.Read More
Royal jelly
Fresh roal jelly,Lyophilized roya jelly,Royal jelly tablets,Royal jelly soft capsule...Read More